Figge Art Museum

The mechanical systems serving the Figge Art Museum are indeed world class. At the end of the construction process, the owner faced unforeseen circumstances that compromised the energy efficiency and mechanical system reliability of the museum.

The museum’s concerns were more than financial. In order to display the world’s most impressive art collections, the Figge Art Museum had to meet exacting Smithsonian qualifications for temperature and humidity control. The museum was falling short of this criteria.

ENTEC designed a building automation system that provided precise control of temperature and humidity throughout the galleries, which resulted in a 229% return on investment and ensured the museum would meet the strict qualifications to display awe-inspiring works of art.

“When we moved into our new facility, we faced a number of unresolved mechanical system issues. Not only did ENTEC solve these problems, but their solutions paid back immediately in lower energy costs and energy efficiency incentives.”

 -Bob DeBlaey, Facilities Manager

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